ÆONS is a generative art collection of 148 pieces by Dominikus Baur. It has been released in December 2023 on gm. studio.

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The main inspiration of ÆONS is the inevitability of everything ending and the irony of it being released on a decentralized blockchain - a medium that has repeatedly been hailed as being "eternal" and "forever". Everything — even blockchains — will disappear eventually. Be it through their underlying computing architecture becoming obsolete or worse. And thus, this artwork as well.

The second law of thermodynamics is ruthless in this regard - every last particle in the universe will burn out in the end. But there's a loophole (at least, for now): processes that propagate patterns forward through time. We call some of these patterns ideas, some of them people and some life in general.

Same with ÆONS: the artwork is an idea which came into being in December 2023 but might just as quickly disappear. However, ÆONS is different - it's not just 512 static canvases or JPEG files. It's JavaScript code — an instruction for a process. And by running this JavaScript code we can make a small offering to entropy, to keep that specific ÆONS alive a bit longer.

Read the full artist statement.

This page is keeping track of how "alive" each ÆONS is. Every piece connects to the backend when running and creates a small blip here. If you'd like to help a specific ÆONS stick around, use gm. studio's Live Render page to run it.